Sunday, August 31, 2014

Graduation Night 2014.

This was a tremendous event. We started with an end of year celebratort Mass, then the presentation of medals and finally a party.
Listowel Writers' Week.

It was our first time participating in the prestigious week and what a success it was. We met Chairman, Séan Lyons and legendary poet Gabriel Fitzmaurice.

Garda Liaison.

We had a visit from our local Gardai, Michelle and Máiréad. They gave a great informative workshop with some very interesting hands on activities.


Once again more success at the Cork Fleadh.

Black and White Art.

Buildings and Landmarks.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Europe Day 9th May 2014.

To mark Europe Day we decided to read a major cross section of newspapers published across The European Union on that precise day.

Here is what we found !!!!!

Detailed reviewing and analysis.

Taurbeg Wind  Farm, Rockchapel.

As part of our investigative science project we visited Taurbeg Windfarm. 

We got a great welcome  from Victoria and Claire, were taken around the farm, saw the sophisticated technology in action and learned how wind generates electricity.

Post Visit Activities.

Using resources from the farm we created our own windmills on returning to school.